DHL Global Mail Asia

DHL Global Mail Asia

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Tracking your DHL Global Mail Asia packages, shipments with tracking number

Also called DHL ECommerce Asia, DHL Global Mail Asia was established by Deutsche Post DHL, an economy shipping service provides the postal package delivery service, direct mail service.

DHL Group

DHL International Express, DHL Paket, DHL eCommerce, Deutsche Post, DHL Parcel Netherlands, DHL Poland Domestic, DHL Soain Domestic, DHL Benelux, DHL Global Mail Asia, DHL Hong Kong.

Which country can I post package to via DHL Global Mail Asia?

You can mail packages to the countries DHL ECommerce Asia supported, such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Russia, New Zealand.

How long can I receive my item through DHL ECommerce Asia?

It would spend 3~5 business days in delivering because its service covers so many countries around the world.

Contact DHL Global Mail Asia

  1. Japan
    Number: 0034 800 400460

  2. Malaysia
    Number: 1 800 220027

  3. South Korea
    Number: 00798 601 4831

  4. Thailand
    Number: +66 2 029 0999

  5. Taiwan
    Number: 00-801-601-369

DHL Global Mail Asia

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