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What is Yun Express?

As one of the biggest shipping agents in China, Yun Express provides 50+ logistics services for cross-border e-Commerce users. Except for 9 stations in China, it also has its own warehouses in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Japan and the USA, etc., partnered with local postal services providers closely.

Yun Express Tracking Number Format

The tracking number of Yun Express is comprised of 18 digits. Starting with 2 alphabetic letter YT and ending with 16 numeric letters.
Tracking Number Example: YT 000 000 000 000 000 0

How long does Yun Express take? Yun Express shipping time and delivery time:

YunExpress USA, from YunExpress export hubs to other countries

  • 4 days from USA to UK, Germany, France, Netherlands.
  • 5 days from USA to Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden.

Who delivers Yun Express packages in the US?

FedEx, 7-15 days from Hong Kong to the USA by air and hand over to FedEx after finishing customs clearance, and FedEx tracking number will be soon provided, which can be tracked on FedEx official site. FedEx delivers packages throughout the USA excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Guam Island, etc.

Who delivers Yun Express parcels in France?

  • YunExpress France special line: La Poste Colissimo, 3-5 working days.
  • YunExpress France special line registered: 5-10 work days.

Ruturn Policy
1.This service does not support return from France to Hong Kong.
2.If the package is returned to the overseas warehouse, it can be re-delivered to France except the French affiliated islands. The re-delivery fee is charged at 50RMB / package.
3.The re-delivery period is 2 weeks , i.e. customers can choose to re-deliver within 2 weeks from the time the customer is notified of the return of the package. If no reply is given to YunExpress, the package will be destroyed after 2 weeks.

Who delivers Yun Express parcels in the UK?

Royal Mail, 3-5 business days. Items are shipped from Hong Kong to UK by air, then delivered by Royal Mail to the whole UK. Full-path tracking is available within 35 days.

Ruturn Policy :
1.Not support return from the UK back to Hong Kong.
2.If the package is returned due to incorrect or incomplete receipt information, the re-delivery fee will be charged at 40RMB/package; If not, YunExpress will be responsible for re-delivery once for free.
3.The re-delivery period is one month, that is, shoppers can ask for a re-deliver within a month after the customer is notified the return of the package; if no reply is given to Yun Express, the package will be destroyed by default after 1 month.

Who delivers YunExpress packages in Spain?

  • Spain special line surface mail: Correos Spain, 7-12 business days. Packets are sent from HK to Spain, customs cleared in Madrid then delivered by local Correos Spain to the final destination, providing only half-way tracking.
  • Spain special line registered: Correos Spain, 5-7 working days. Packets are first flew to France then shipped to Spain by French TGV after customs clearance is done and finally delivered by Correos Spain throughout Spain except affiliated islands.

Ruturn Policy: Same as YunExpress in France.

Who delivers YunExpress packages in Germany, Italy and Japan?

DHL: 5-10 working days from HK to Germany by air and hand over to local DHL after customs clearance, providing full path tracking logistics information. Tax-free within 24 US dollars.
Australia Post and Fastway, 4-8 business days, from HK to Australia by air freight.
Japan Post, 3-5 working days, shipped from Hong Kong to Japan by air transportation.

When can I expect my Yun Express package? Who will deliver my Yun Express packages in local?

The following chart might be disordered in your mobile, we recommend you check it in desktop model.

Country Service Estimated Delivery Date Local Courier Toll Free/Hotline
Poland Direct 5~8 business days Poczta Polska; DHL Poland 801 333 444; 22 30 62 800
Italy Direct 7~12 days Poste Italiane +39 06 5958.1
Italy Economy 7~15 business days Poste Italiane +39 06 5958.1
Spain Registration 5~7 business days Correos 902197197
Spain Economy 7~12 business days Correos 902197197
UK Standard, Economy 3~5 business days Royal Mail 03457 740 740; 03456 000 606(text phone)
Central Europe Registration, Economy 7~15 business days Local Postal Office N/A
Central Europe Express 7~12 business days Local Postal Office N/A
France Direct, Registration 4~5 business days La Poste 3631
Germany Registration 5~10 business days DHL Germany + 49 (0)180 6 345 300
Germany Economy 7~15 business days Deutsche Post +49 228 4333111
USA Standard 5~10 business days USPS +1 (800) 275-8777
USA Economy 7~15 business days FedEx 1.800.463.3339
Austria Direct 5~10 business days DPD Austria 05 03 73 420
Australia Direct 4~8 business days Australia Post, Fastway 1300 624 475; (08) 9356 5309
Canada Direct 5~7 business days Canada Post(Expedited) 1-866-607-6301
Japan Direct 3~5 business days Japan Post +81 0570-046111
Hong Kong DHL, UPS 3~7 business days DHL, UPS +852 2400 3388; +852-2735-3535

How to Track Yun Express? Tracking Yun Express

  • Tracking on Yuntrack: go to Yuntrack site yuntrack.com , paste your YunExpress tracking number, click “Track my parcel”.
  • For packages shipped to the US, trackable on FedEx official site when arrive United State.
  • Enter your YunExpress tracking number on this page. If there’s any problem, find the Yun Express contact details on top of this page.

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Yun Express

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