Tracking Information Explanation - In Transit |

After the first stage of tracking, Not Found, your parcel will be on its journey to you successfully! The transit time of your package mostly depends on the next 3 stages. Today, we'll talk about the second one, "In Transit".

In Transit

This is the commonest status you can see every time you check "Where is my package?" Before your package is "Out for Delivery", "Exception" or "Delivered", all other tracking details can be treated as "In Transit". It maps the full journey of your package so you can clearly find out where is your package you can easily find out the place it arrives. Thus, you can estimate its delivery time.

Shipping Methods

For most online orders, especially lightweight packages, Road & Air are the 2 commonest and most suitable ways for shipping. Air Freight is widely used for international transport, while Ground Transport (Road & Rail Transport) is widely used for domestic transport. Considering the efficiency and cost of shipping services, the courier/shipping company will combine several shipping methods to provide the most cost-effective services to all the customers. And the most important thing is, on time. That's why you can see many different facilities, offices, locations in the tracking information. 

There are 4 main shipping methods for transiting your packages. 

  1. Ground(Road & Rail)

  2. Sea

  3. Air

  4. Multimodal

Usually, the tracking information only presents important checkpoints like the transit facilities, post offices, transit center, etc. If your tracking information hasn't been updated, don't feel worried about it. It's only because it hasn't arrived at the next center/facility. However, it's still on its way to you!


  • Picked up

  • Arrived for Collection

  • Shipment Received

  • airlines plans to pay for transportation

  • Consolidation facility departed

  • Sorting Complete

  • Arrived/Departed at *** Post Office/Facility/location/sort facility/customs of destination country

  • In Transit to Next Facility

  • Shipped

  • Left *** origin facility

  • Held by/Handed over to customs

  • customs clearance success

  • operation is complete

The No.1 FAQ about "In Transit" must be related to "customs". We'll give a detailed introduction to things you need to know about "customs".

What can I do if my package is still in customs clearance or retained by customs?

Why no updates? What happened? Where is my package now?

Sometimes, the shipping courier won't update the tracking information very frequently, especially for international packages. But it's still in transit! Don't feel worried about it! Maybe it'll be delivered tomorrow! Surprise! And it happens a lot, mostly for AliExpress(Cainiao) orders.

cover image source: ileaders blog