Tracking Information Explanation - Out for Delivery |

You must think that your package will be delivered successfully after "in transit". However, before having your package in your hand, the shipping company may inform you beforehand so you'll know that you will be able to receive your package soon! That's Stage 3. There are two cases in this stage. The good case, and the bad case.

Good Case - Out for delivery

If you find any "out for delivery" tracking information when checking the status of your package. Congratulations! You'll be able to receive your package very soon! It means everything is fine with your package. No further information is needed. The customs clearance is completed successfully. Everything is perfect. The only thing you need to do is waiting for another few days. And the deliveryman will contact you and send it to the address or nearby pick-up point.


  • 安排投递/Delivery Attempted

  • will be delivered in the upcoming days

  • Delivery Attempted

Bad Case - Exception/Failed Attempt

If things don't go well, you might not be able to receive your package on time. It could be "Failed Attempt" or "Exception". That means your package can't be delivered or failed to be delivered for some reasons. 

For cross-border international packages, customs clearance is one of the most important parts during the whole process. If the customs clearance is unsuccessful, it'll prolong the processing time of delivering your package. So you will be unable to receive your package on time. Usually, the unsuccess of customs clearance is caused by the following reasons:

  • The customs clearance fee is unpaid.

  • The item is prohibited, restricted or controlled by a license.

  • The invoice is incorrect or missing.

To solve the customs clearance issue listed above, you may need to contact the following person to proceed with the process

  1. the seller and inform them to offer needed documents or pay the bill.

  2. the customs and know details about the issue, thus provide documents or pay for the taxes and duties as required.

If the customs clearance issue has been solved. You'll be able to see tracking information like Released by customs

Otherwise, your package may be held/retained by customs, which means, you can never have your parcel delivered.

If it's not the customs clearance issue, then it might because the shipping company doesn't know where and who to send the package to. So it could be:

  • The phone number/address/receiver name isn't correct, the deliveryman is unable to reach you.

  • Nobody's at home during the delivery of the package.

  • Some courier is off-duty during weekends, so they will try to re-deliver it in weekdays.

If you've encountered any situations as above, you'd better call the courier directly. You can correct the name/phone number/address, arrange for the redelivery or even ask if you can pick your parcel up on your own if you're in urgent. If you don't know the phone number of the courier, you can 

  1. Search the courier here


  2. Click to find the contact number on the tracking page.


Notice: For international packages, it's your local postal service will 


  • Reminder to Schedule Redelivery of your item

  • No Authorized Recipient Available

  • arrange for redelivery of your item or your item will be returned to sender

  • 未妥投/Unable to deliver item

  • problem with address

  • delivery of exceptions

  • Unclaimed

  • Being Returned to Sender

  • Return to sender, Address can't be located

  • Shipment un-delivered

  • Customer refused to accept

  • 退回/Returned

  • Redirected

  • Prohibited Articles

  • Missed delivery

Again, if anything goes wrong with your package and you know nothing about it(like returned to the sender), please remember to contact the seller or the courier and ask for help. If there is anything else about tracking that you'd like to know, feel free to contact Tracktry or leave your comments on our website!