Tracking Information Explanation - Delivered |

Finally! Here comes the most adorable stage, the last and the most important one, Delivered!

As we mentioned in our last blog, if everything works well and all the issues are fixed, then you will get your package delivered! After receiving your package, the tracking information will be updated to "Delivered". Let's see some examples in different languages.


  • Delivered, SARASOTA,FL,34249,US

  • Die Sendung wurde erfolgreich zugestellt.

  • Försändelsen har levererats

  • Envío entregado al destinatario o autorizado

  • Zending geleverd

  • Votre colis est livré.

  • Consegnata

  • Доставлено/Доставленные

  • 已签收/已妥投

  • お届け済み

  • 배달완료

However, lots of people are complaining that they haven't received their package but the tracking information says "delivered". If you have encountered any issues like this, you can take the following actions ASAP.

  1. Contact the local delivery courier and ask for help

    If you're waiting for a domestic package, then you'll be 100% sure who you should contact. If you're still confused, you can contact the seller or try to detect the tracking number on our homepage to see if we can help you find it!

    If you're waiting for an international package, then you might not be able to know who should be responsible for delivering your package. Don't worry! If your package is shipped by China Post/China EMS/ePacket or other postal services from other countries, then usually, it will be your local postal office to deliver it. That's to say, if you're based in America, then you can contact USPS by 1-800-275-8777. Similarly, Canada Post(1-866-607-6301) in Canada and DHL(+ 49 (0)180 6 345 300) in Germany.

  2. Contact the seller

    If you have any questions with your package, you can always contact your seller and ask for help. A good seller will always help you have your package at any time.

If you did receive your package, please don't forget to check it before clicking "Submit" on your order page. The checking tips are as follows.

  1. If the packaging box is in good condition

  2. If the product is the same thing as what you bought

  3. If anything lost

  4. If the product is in good condition

Heads up! Do remember to check your package and DO SOMETHING on time! For example, you can take photos before and after opening it. To prevent unnecessary cost, it's better to contact your seller ON TIME!

That's all for our Tracking Information Explanation series. If there is anything else you'd like to know, feel free to let us know! Thanks for reading and hope it helps! You can check the other 3 related blogs by clicking the links below.

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