7 Explanations of AliExpress Standard Shipping Shipments Status

What is AliExpress Standard Shipping?

For those who buy on AliExpress frequently, must be quite familiar with AliExpress Standard Shipping, which's a logistics company owned by Alibaba Group. Along with AliExpress Saver Shipping, AliExpress Premium Shipping and Seller's Shipping Method, they share a global order tracking site: Global Cainiao.

Lots of people left messages or sent emails to Tracktry, confused about where their parcels of AliExpress Standard Shipping are, why their packages not moving for over a week, why it doesn't reach the final destination for long, etc. Some even can't tell whether their items have been shipped because sometimes the logistics update can be tricky particularly if you are not familiar with the parcel status below.

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Not Found

  • This is almost the same as one of our former blogs "Not Found".

Waiting for Carrier to Pick Up

  • This means your parcels Has Not Been Sent Yet. And we cannot be sure if the shipping company has got the message of picking up when usually it has.

Leaving Origin

  • Please note that there might have some other countries between the origin country and the receiving/destination country.

Arrive at Destination

  • It means your parcel has just arrived in the destination country instead of the delivery address and usually hasn't cleared import custom procedures yet.

Pick Up & Waiting for Pick Up

  • Please pay attention to the difference between "Waiting for Pick Up" and "Waiting for Carrier to Pick Up". "Pick Up" or "Waiting for (you) Pick Up" indicates your parcel arrived at local facility or post office, i.e. out for delivery. You may wait for the delivery man, or go to the ParcelShop, local depot, pick-up station, self-collection point, PUDO, whatever it's called, to fetch your package, generally the sooner the better.

What if there is a delivery failure in this stage, or you receive nothing, no parcel arrival notification or delivery notification? It's advisable for you to contact the carrier and ask for a re-delivery or collect the parcel yourself. Again, the faster the better, otherwise there is a possibility that your item might be returned to your seller.


  • The only question that matters is why the tracking information says the parcel was already delivered yet physically it's not, even no arrival record in PO Box? Under this circumstance, you need to get in touch with the local carrier or package sender for clarification ASAP.

In some cases, the parcels were delivered to the neighbor or unfortunately, stolen. Anyway, we need to find out the truth of any one of these situations.


  • If there is an update like "A missed delivery", "Failed delivery attempt", "Unsuccessful delivery attempt", please check whether the recipient's mailing address is correct and within delivery service coverage immediately. Then contact the local courier for clarification and to arrange a re-delivery or self-collection.

Security Check Failed

  • Failure of security check and inability to travel any further.

Well, perhaps the best policy is to daily track your parcel after placing an order on AliExpress.